SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2005-04-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2005-04-01
    • Hydrogen possibilities
      Using hydrogen in an internal-combustion engine application requires not only a custom-engineered combustion concept, but also optimized operation strategies.
    • Nets catch on
      Engineers have been slow to adopt networks, but that is changing quickly as electronically controlled engines take hold.
    • Hydraulic matters
      There is much potential for gain for everyone if OEMs and suppliers work together early in terms of hydraulic system design.
    • Asia hot on new cooling technology
      Not tied as much to aluminum as is the West, china and Russia are moving fast toward widespread use of copper and brass for radiators.
    • Build, test, teview, and improve
      SAE 100 Future Look; Frank Perna, Chairman and CEo of MSC. Software writes about his experience in vehicle engineering, testing, and management positions.
    • Simplifying advanced computing
      SAE 100 Future Look: Global competition and sourcing, cost pressures, safety, and enviromental concernsare just a few evolving realities facing the automotive industry today.
    • Developing solutions
      SAE 100 Future Look: The global automotive industry has faced considerable challenges over the last couple of years, to the extent that industry pundits have labeled the current environment as "The Perfect Storm."