SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2004-02-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2004-02-01
    • heavy-duty visions
      MTU and DDC devoted engineers toward the development of engine technology for future military-vehicle applications.
    • Smooth operation
      The interface between man and the machine can be made more comfortable, not to mention more productive, via the use of electronics.
    • History of gerotor hydraulics
      The first part in a retrospective of the development of gerotor technology, the engineers behind the breakthroughs, and an acquisition here and there.
    • Advances in fuel injection
      Engineers from Delphi address drive-circuit modeling and analysis of electronically controlled fuel injectors for heavy-duty diesel engines.
    • CAE in hydraulics
      Analysis solves problems dealing with NVH and complicated dynamics inherent in check-valve design, development, and organization.