SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2008-02-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2008-02-01
    • No stopping global design
      Global teams ride down the cyber highway.
    • Engines play clean in the flight to meet increasing regulations
      Sensors, faster CPUs help reduce emissions while maintaining performance.
    • Hydraulics have the power to control
      The latest generation of hydraulic systems provides an effective alternative to other forms of motion control.
    • A home away from home
      Technology advances help to make equipment operators more comfortable- and more and more productive- in hte field, in the pit, and on the job site.
    • Ryan's 'Research' put to good use
      The Southwest Research Institute engineer assumes SAE President duties for 2008.
    • Biofuel effects
      As the off-highway industry in Europe prepares for the introduction of biofuel, specialists are attempting to anticipate potential mechanical and chemical problems it may bring to powertrain systems and component operation- and prepare the answers.