SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2005-06-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2005-06-01
    • Testing in the field
      Hardened data-acquistion modules benefit companies conducting off-highway testing in harsh environments.
    • Continuing to advance technology
      With close to $1 billion spent on R & D in 2004 alone, Caterpillar is taking a lead role in the push to move the commercial-vehicle industry forward.
    • Testing trends
      This special section highlights some of the latest equipment used by engineers to evaluate new technologies.
    • The forgotten compact engine
      Though heavy-duty engines have gotten most of the industry attention lately, smaller engines are out there working hard, with seemingly little respect.
    • Productivity drives future agricultural technologies
      SAE 100 Future Look: Despite the tremendous rate of change in the agricultural equipment industry, one common theme has led the technological advances in agricultural equipment.