SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2008-10-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2008-10-01
    • Tying it all together
      Networks link control modules to bring more features and functions to the job site.
    • Collaboration tools spread a wide net
      PLM suppliers are offering new tools that aid collaboration, expanding on core offerings in PDM, CAD, and CAE.
    • The drive toward a hybrid transmission
      In-wheel hydraulic motors, hydraulic transformers, and a common pressure rail with accumulators put new meaning in the word drivetrain.
    • A deep dive into metallurgical failure
      Even with the best engineering processes and quality planning, deviations can occur with the incoming material, things can go wrong during the manufacturing process, and service conditions can be different than expected.
    • Standards and 'coopetition'
      In the heavy-duty vehicle arena, adoption of standards for networking benefits everyone.