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Privacy Policy

SAE International knows that you care about how your personal information is collected and used, and we appreciate your trust in our commitment to do so carefully and thoughtfully. This document describes what personally identifiable information we collect, how we collect and use it, and the procedures we have in place to protect that information.

This Policy applies to the www.sae.org, www.saefoundation.org, f1inschools.sae.org and www.awim.org websites. It does not apply to websites of any other SAE affiliate, branch, section, chapter, group, or student group, such as SAE India, SAE Brasil, SAE China or JSAE, or to websites operated by organizations or groups who associate themselves with SAE. It does not apply to any other Internet websites, including those that have hypertext links to or from www.sae.org, www.saefoundation.org, f1inschools.sae.org, and www.awim.org.

SAE may revise this Policy at any time, and will post the Policy on this web page. By using the SAE.ORG website, you are accepting the practices described in this Policy.

What Personal Information Is Collected, and How Is It Used?
When you visit the SAE.ORG website, we collect information about you and your visit, to help us personalize and improve your experience at the site and with other SAE services. Specifically, we collect:

  • Information you voluntarily provide: When you place an order on the SAE.ORG website, complete any type of registration form, or complete various other online forms, for purposes such as logging in to the website, participating in awards programs, and more, we receive and store that information. Typically, these voluntary forms include information such as your name, customer number, website user ID and password, address information, work information, professional interests, phone and fax numbers, and email addresses. Other information may be gathered, depending on the form you are completing. Information you provide in online forms is often the same as or similar to information you would provide in traditional printed forms.

    We use this information to customize your website experience, respond to your requests and needs, register you for events, deliver you products and services, and inform you of products, services, and events that may be of interest to you. We also use this information to control access to various restricted areas of the website.

  • Information you involuntarily provide: As you interact with our website, our server logs information about your visit. This information includes things like the website address you came from, the browser you are using, your numeric internet address, the date and time of your visit, and what pages you are viewing. Collection of these types of information is a common practice by websites.

    We use this information to learn about our visitors as a group, not about you as an individual. This information helps us identify overall usage patterns and trends on the site, and can specifically help us, among other things:

    • Identify how much traffic various areas of the site receive.
    • Determine when we should schedule site maintenance.
    • Identify which other websites send visitors to our site.
    • Determine demographic profiles of our visitors.
    • Optimize the site for common browsers used at the site.
    • Track results of promotional campaigns.
    • Provide reports to third parties who maintain a presence on our site.

    It is possible to browse websites, including the SAE.ORG site, anonymously. You have the option of doing so, but doing so may also make it more difficult for the SAE.ORG website to best meet your needs.

  • Information you provide through online forums and in email: In addition to collecting the information noted above, the SAE.ORG site provides visitors the opportunity to send email to SAE and various third parties, and to participate in online discussion forums.

    When you send us an email and request a response, we use the email address and other information you provide to respond to your inquiry. We may also log the nature and content of email requests we receive, which helps us analyze visitor interests overall and identify areas for improvement on the site.

    SAE's online discussion forums are provided as a means of communication and collaboration for SAE's members and customers. Some forums are public, to which any registered website visitor may have access; some forums are private and thus require additional privileges to participate. Postings you make to an online forum may be visible to other participants in that forum. If you participate in an online private team, your teammates may have access to portions of your contact information. If you participate in activities in our public forums, others may have access to information about you that you voluntarily provide. By using any SAE.ORG online forums, you are accepting the additional SAE Online Forums Terms of Use.

SAE protects the security of your sensitive personal information, such as credit card number, when you exchange that information with the SAE.ORG web site. SAE uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology when exchanging this information, which encrypts the information during transit. SAE.ORG does not display your full credit card information on any page. SAE also maintains firewall and other managed software, as well as physical and procedural safeguards, to protect systematically stored data.

It is important that you protect your SAE.ORG user ID and password. If you are logged in to the SAE.ORG site from a shared computer, be sure to log out when you are finished with a visit; a logout button can be found on nearly every page of our site.

Browser Cookies
The SAE.ORG site uses browser cookies, which are data files stored on your computer and used to identify your web browser. Cookies will often use a long string of numbers or other characters as unique identifiers to help identify your computer to the website or server that placed the cookie. Cookies may sometimes be used in conjunction with other technologies such as "web beacons." Visiting the SAE website will result in cookies being placed on your computer by SAE as well as by third parties. The third-parties include, for example, a web analytics firm, an ad manager, and SAE's marketing vendor, Eloqua. Cookies are used on the SAE website to provide a more personalized experience, process online orders, maintain customer records, facilitate targeted marketing, deliver advertising, deliver content, and obtain statistics and other analytics regarding website usage. Some of SAE's cookies are used to save you time by remembering your login and maintaining your session. Other SAE cookies are used for personalizing your visit and allowing you access to customized member benefits, online forums, MySAE, and online shopping features. Cookies help the SAE servers identify who you are and your relationship with SAE, enabling us to provide you with appropriate access to various areas of the site (online forums, member benefits, etc.).

Most Internet browsers allow you to accept, block, or delete browser cookies as you see fit. Each browser has different ways of allowing you to do this. You can consult the "Help" and other menu items of your particular browser to learn different ways to manage your cookies. Because certain SAE website functions rely on browser cookies, the way you manage your cookies may impact your browsing experience or, in some cases, limit what the SAE website can do for you. Depending on how you manage cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of personalization of the site, the online ordering system, online forums, or other site features and services.

SAE.ORG uses both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored in your browser's memory and disappear when you shut down your browser or have no activity at a site for a defined period of time. Persistent cookies get written to computer's long term memory and thus can stay on your computer to identify you for an extended period of time.

Flash Cookies and Other Technologies
Visiting the SAE website may result in "flash cookies" and similar technologies being placed in the long-term memory of your computer by SAE or by third parties such as YouTube. The Adobe Flash Player is an application that allows videos and other dynamic media to be displayed on your computer. Adobe Flash (and similar, non-Flash technologies) may store settings, preferences, or other categories of data on your computer in "local stored objects" such as flash cookies. For step-by-step instructions on how to manage or disable flash cookies, please visit the official Adobe website.

Choice, Opt-out, and Control
You maintain control of the personally identifiable information SAE.ORG collects and maintains about you. SAE.ORG provides means, through the MySAE pages and/or its Customer Service (CustomerService@sae.org) staff, for you to correct, update, and delete/deactivate your personally identifiable information and preferences. We also provide through those same means the opportunity for you to "opt-out" of receiving communications from SAE, or from having your personally identifiable information used for marketing purposes.

SAE does not knowingly collect information about children under age 13 through its website. SAE.ORG will not contact children under age 13 for marketing purposes, nor will SAE knowingly exchange with any third party information it stores about children under age 13.

Third Party Relationships
We share aggregate demographic information with our business partners, including advertisers. This data is not linked to any personally identifiable information.

We also provide lists containing personally identifiable information to trusted, reputable third parties which we believe have products or services that may be of interest to you. SAE does not sell your email address to any parties that systematically collect email addresses for marketing purposes unrelated to SAE business. We partner with third parties to provide specific services, such as online conferencing. For you to successfully participate in these services, we share with the third party only that information which is necessary for the purpose of providing said services.

SAE.ORG contains links to, and graphics from, third-party websites and/or content providers. This Policy does not extend to those parties, nor is SAE responsible for the content linked to or provided.

SAE may be required to provide information about its customers or prospective customers to law enforcement or government agencies if requested or necessary.

Comments and Questions
If you have comments or questions about this Policy, please contact us at:

Email: CustomerService@sae.org
Phone: +1.877.606.7323