Tuesday Workshop

1.0 Introduction to SEA R. DeJong
2.0 SEA Model Building T. Connelly
3.0 Testing and Model Validation R. Unglenieks
4.0 Panel Discussion - Car Program SEA Support  
   a. Rieter Car Program Example J. Pan
   b. Collins and Aikman Car Program* R. Raveendra
   c. Carcoustics Acoustic Absorption G. Ebbitt
5.0 Conclusions and Challenges Taner Onsay
6.0 SEA Software Vendor Introduction Vendors
   a. Cambridge Collaborative  
   b. ESI: VibroAcoustic Sciences  
7.0 Wine and Cheese Reception All

2001 SEA Modeling Workshop Presentations:
Overview of SEA Professor DeJong
Analytical SEA Models 1 Taner Onsay
Analytical SEA Models 2 Robert Powell
Test Based SEA Models Alan Parrett

* This is a .pdf file. You’ll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.