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Marcello Canova, Massimo Naddeo, Yuxing Liu, Junqiang Zhou, Yue-Yun Wang
Abstract Engine downsizing and super/turbocharging is currently the most followed trend in order to reduce CO2 emissions and increase the powertrain efficiency. A key challenge for achieving the desired fuel economy benefits lies in optimizing the design and control of the engine boosting system, which requires the ability to rapidly sort different design options and technologies in simulation, evaluating their impact on engine performance and fuel consumption. This paper presents a scalable modeling approach for the characterization of flow and efficiency maps for automotive turbochargers. Starting from the dimensional analysis theory for turbomachinery and a set of well-known control-oriented models for turbocharged engines simulation, a novel scalable model is proposed to predict the flow and efficiency maps of centrifugal compressors and radial inflow turbines as function of their key design parameters.
Journal Article
Saeed Asgari, Shailendra Kaushik
Abstract A linear parameter varying (LPV) reduced order model (ROM) is used to approximate the volume-averaged temperature of battery cells in one of the modules of the battery pack with varying mass flow rate of cooling fluid using uniform heat source as inputs. The ROM runs orders of magnitude faster than the original CFD model. To reduce the time it takes to generate training data, used in building LPV ROM, a divide-and-conquer approach is introduced. This is done by dividing the battery module into a series of mid-cell and end-cell units. A mid-cell unit is composed of a cooling channel sandwiched in between two half -cells. A half-cell has half as much heat capacity as a full-cell. An end-cell unit is composed of a cooling channel sandwiched in between full-cell and a half-cell. A mass flow rate distribution look-up-table is generated from a set of steady-state simulations obtained by running the full CFD model at different inlet manifold mass flow rate samples.
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