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Technical Paper
Hiromitsu Ando, Jun Takemura, Eiichi Koujina
Although whether the cylinder gas oscillation is provoked by end-gas autoignition in a certain cycle or not is a irregular phenomenon, autoignition itself takes place in almost all of the cycles in the knocking condition. Detection of the autoignition makes it possible to realize a knock anticipating strategy. Using the decay rate of the effective heat release rate as the index, delayed autoignition with small auto-ignited mass fraction can be detected. Applying this index for the analysis of the autoignition in the acceleration process, it was clarified that heavy autoignition immediately after the acceleration caused by the selective induction of the low boiling point gasoline components into the cylinder is followed by the period where the low combustion chamber wall temperature reduces the autoignited mass fraction and suppresses the cylinder gas oscillation.
Technical Paper
Katsutoshi Usuki, Kenjiro Fujita, Katsuhiro Hatta
Mitsubishi Motors has developed the INVECS-H 4-speed (F4A4 model) and 5-speed (F5A5 model) automatic transaxles with electronic control for FWD passenger cars These transaxles feature simplified construction and lighter weight by employing clutch-to-clutch shifting, where the release clutch is directly changed over to the apply clutch during shifting Moreover, an innovative shift-schedule control has been incorporated in the transaxles so that the gear selection can be properly achieved in response to driving conditions and driving habits of individual drivers In addition, the transaxles have an additional feature of “SPORTY MODE”, in which the driver can choose a dynamic drive feel as is available in a manual transmission vehicle
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