Connect2Car at WCX

April 10-12, 2018

Detroit, Michigan, USA

COBO Center

The Connect2Car event is coming to the WCXâ„¢ World Congress Experience. This exclusive event is the third installment within the Connect2Car event series that consists of Connect2Car at CES and Connect2Car Executive Leadership Forum.

This event brings the new world of technology together with the automotive industry to create the future of transportation. The three-day event will run alongside WCX 18, but will be focused solely on the connected car and all its components. The Connect2Car at WCX event will include:

  • Leadership Summit Roundtables
  • Tech Hub Presentations
  • Technical Sessions
  • Connect2Car Exhibition Pavilion

Also engage at WCX. Registering for Connect2Car at WCX also gives you full access to WCX 18 and all its activities.


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