Call for Papers

Abstracts are submitted online. Upon submission, you will receive an automatic reply with a tracking number and the critical deadline dates for the event. Paper acceptance will be based on peer-review of review-ready manuscript that is organizer moderated. For assistance during online submission, please contact Gina Brandon at 1-724-772-7115 or

Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts of 300 words or less for review by the General Committee.

Papers offered should make a timely contribution to the state-of-art or be comprehensive review, be of high technical and editorial quality with conclusions supported by included data, and be devoid of commercialism.

Abstracts for paper offers should include a brief description of the objective of the work, the problem it is attempting to solve, the approach followed, is explicit with respect to the type of data to be included, and summarizes the conclusions reached.

Offered papers shall not have been published elsewhere and, if accepted, contributors will not release them for publication through other media.

Failure to include ANY information may delay processing and consideration.

Abstracts to SAEDecember 30, 2010
Upload review-ready manuscripts to SAE MyTechZoneMarch 2, 2011
Final manuscripts to SAEApril 15, 2011