2005 World Aerospace Congress Transactions

Paper NoAuthorTitle
2005-01-3356 James T. Luxhoj Model-Based Reasoning for Aviation Safety Risk Assessments
2005-01-3357 Michael Hadjimichael Development of a Fuzzy Expert System for Aviation Risk Modelling
2005-01-3359 David Nixon Relationship of Wing Drag to Entropy Production
2005-01-3360 Kamran Rokhsaz Feasibility of Modeling Wake Vortices in Ground Effect in a Water Tunnel
2005-01-3367 Rajkumar Thirumalainambi Decision Facilitator for Launch Operations Using Intelligent Agents
2005-01-3368 Serge N. Sala-Diakanda On the Development of a Comprehensive Hazard Modeling Tool through Distributed Simulation: Learning from the Columbia Space Shuttle Accident
2005-01-3370 Mark Schwabacher Machine Learning for Rocket Propulsion Health Monitoring
2005-01-3371 Upender K. Kaul Machine Learning for Detecting and Locating Damage in a Rotating Gear
2005-01-3374 Joseph Matthew Brady A Propulsion Device for Spacecraft
2005-01-3375 Egemen Ogretim Mechanisms for Downstream Ice Growth
2005-01-3377 Chiong S. Tan A Prototype Probe for Direct Measurement of the LWC in SLD Clouds
2005-01-3381 Ming Chuen (Derek) Wong Intentional Navigation and Phase Transition Analysis in Amygdala of KIV Model
2005-01-3382 Marko Puljic Limit Cycle Oscillations in Random Cellular Automata
2005-01-3383 Ming Chuen (Derek) Wong Navigation in a Challenging Martian Environment Using Data Mining Techniques
2005-01-3384 Todd J. Callantine Air and Ground Simulation of Terminal-Area Traffic Management with Airborne Spacing
2005-01-3385 Jace L. Allen Implementation of HIL Testing Systems for Aerospace ECUs
2005-01-3386 Mario F. Mar´┐Żn Spaceport Simulation Models Integration
2005-01-3387 Brett Walters Estimating the Effects of Crew Number and Crew Fatigue on the Control of Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAVS)
2005-01-3389 Sharanpal (Paul) S. Sikand Reliability of the Engine Electronic Controls and a Novel Approach to Improve Service Life
2005-01-3390 Rohit P. Sheth Systems Software Safety Assessment Process for Certification of Commercial and Military Aircraft
2005-01-3391 Richard William Guiler Development and Testing of a Wing Morphing Mechanism for the Control of a Swept Wing Tailless Aircraft
2005-01-3392 Jamey D. Jacob Design and Flight Testing of Inflatable Wings with Wing Warping
2005-01-3393 Jeffrey S. Schutte Technology Assessment of a Supersonic Business Jet
2005-01-3398 Michael Alexander Buonanno Supersonic Business Jet Design and Requirements Exploration Using Multiobjective Interactive Genetic Algorithms
2005-01-3399 Hernando Jimenez Conceptual Design of Current Technology and Advanced Concepts for an Efficient Multi-Mach Aircraft
2005-01-3400 Russell Denney Variable Cycle Optimization for Supersonic Commercial Applications
2005-01-3404 Bill Flynn Model-Based Synthesis of Noise in Aircrafts
2005-01-3405 Jorge Bardina Micro-Flying Robotics in Space Missions
2005-01-3406 Ravi Vanmali Engineering a Space Based Construction Robot
2005-01-3407 K. Suresh Preliminary Design and Vibration Study of Micro-Satellite Structure
2005-01-3412 David Padanyi-gulyas Silicon Based Fuels for Space Flight
2005-01-3413 David Padanyi-gulyas A New Approach for Single Stage Ascent to Orbit Silane Fuel in a New Vehicle Design
2005-01-3415 Anders H. Brandt Actual Accuracy in Flight Data Collection and Analysis
2005-01-3416 Koji Yoshioka Smoothing Runway Travel to Improve Safety and Lower Maintenance Costs: A New Type of Aircraft Landing Gear Promises Safer and More Comfortable Travel
2005-01-3418 Eric Raymond Kendall Phase Compensated Rate Limiters for Alleviation of Pilot-Induced Oscillations Caused by Control Surface Rate Limiting
2005-01-3420 Kamran Rokhsaz Response of an Advanced Flight Control System to Microburst Encounters
2005-01-3421 Ying Teng Analysis of Active Flutter Suppression with Leading- and Trailing-Edge Control Surfaces via u-Method
2005-01-3422 Madoka Nakajima Investigations on Inflatable Ring Wing of a Compact Type Roadable Aircraft
2005-01-3428 Paul Sikand Fuel Tank Safety on Airplanes
2005-01-3429 Sham Hariram Fire Protection on Airplanes
2005-01-3430 David T. Misciagna Integrated Ceramic Composite Firewall
2005-01-3433 Peter Hollingsworth Program and Design Decisions in an Uncertain and Dynamic Market: Making Engineering Choices Matter
2005-01-3434 Yongchang Li A Concept Selection Method Developed from a Probabilistic Multi-Criteria Decision Making Technique Using Utility Theory
2005-01-3435 Jan Osburg A Collaborative Design Environment to Support Multidisciplinary Conceptual Systems Design
2005-01-3436 John A. Tanner Adsorption and Desorption Effects on Carbon Brake Material Friction and Wear Characteristics
2005-01-3437 Matt Travis Predicting Landing Gear Carbon Brake Vibration and Performance via Subscale Test and Analysis
2005-01-3438 John A. Tanner Mechanical Properties of Radial-Ply Aircraft Tires