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With Guest Daniel Barel
Co-Founder & CEO
REE Automotive


We don’t compete, we complete. That’s the philosophy at REE Automotive as they redefine the commercial vehicle industry with a fully modular EV platform.

REE’s x-by-wire corner technology enables a completely flat and modular chassis that supports all mission-specific EVs from Class 1 to Class 6 and provides 25 to 30 percent more space for cargo, people, or batteries than a traditional vehicle. REE’s flexible EV platforms are autonomous-capable, offer a low total cost of ownership, and drastically reduce the time to market for fleets looking to electrify.

For insight into REE’s disruptive technology and overall business philosophy, we sat down with Daniel Barel, Co-Founder & CEO. He shares his perspective on being a tech company in the automotive world, the importance of partnerships, and REE’s vision for the future.

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