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With Guests MIA DELAROSA, STEM Educator; JENNIFER BUNCH, Principal, Sevilla Elementary – West Campus, and Engineering Students VALERIA A. and JAYLINN G., Sevilla West


For many underrepresented students, the possibility of a career in STEM is either unknown or out of reach. But a dedicated team at one school in Phoenix, Arizona is determined to change that.

At Sevilla Elementary – West Campus, Educator Mia DeLaRosa and Principal Jennifer Bunch are on a mission to support their students by eliminating barriers to high-quality education. Their goal? Providing an immersive STEM experience that sparks the belief that developing an engineering mindset is attainable for all students, no matter their background.

Through a partnership with the SAE Foundation’s A World In Motion® (AWIM®) program, students learn how to design, build, test, and present a product. As STEM is brought to life, so too are essential life skills like problem-solving, communication, and collaboration which enable students to build the self-confidence they need for future success.

Hear from these passionate educators and two of their students, Valeria A. and Jaylinn G., about how AWIM is unlocking a new world of opportunities and galvanizing the next generation of innovators. It’s a conversation that is sure to inspire you to get involved as a mentor, supporter, or what Mia calls “a believer.”


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We’ll hear from Tarik Bolat, Co-founder and CEO of GPR, about their revolutionary Ground Penetrating Radar technology that Bolat says is more accurate than radar, lidar or cameras in autonomous vehicles.

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