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SAE International Journal of Aerospace 2023 Special Issue: Uncrewed Aircraft Systems and Autonomy JRN-AS-SI-03

Volume 16, Issue 3, 2023

All the papers in this special issue relate to topics ranging from case studies on small UAS (sUAS) near midair collisions with aircraft, review of simulation fidelity for autonomous vehicles, assured aerial autonomy, novel geometry for tangential omnidirectional flight, and flight dynamics modeling—to prognostics in autonomous aircraft operations.

Special Issue Editors:
Andy Wallington, The Boeing Company
Chris Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
George Romanski, Federal Aviation Administration
Parimal (PK) Kopardekar, NASA

The SAE International Journal of Aerospace is the preeminent source for peer-reviewed, cutting-edge engineering research within the aerospace industry. The Journal is an essential resource for anyone in industry, academia, government, and research organizations trying to understand the latest progress in aerospace engineering. It covers both mature and emerging technologies, and includes technical articles on current technology, archival-quality historic findings, and research articles on the future of aerospace engineering.

Current and future UAS use cases, including data collection, cargo delivery, and personal transport, will be enabled by autonomy functionality. Onboard autonomy will continue to enable types of missions, provide safety, remove personnel from harm’s way, and decrease costs. While some technologies are ready for near-term assurance and certification, others will benefit from runtime assurance software, new standards development, and emerging assurance paradigms. We hope that this special issue will increase awareness about innovations in the development of UAS and autonomy in aerospace and believe that this inspires researchers to focus more attention on this important topic.

Article Titles:

- A Literature Review of Simulation Fidelity for Autonomous-Vehicle Research and Development
- Three Case Studies on Small Uncrewed Aerial Systems Near Midair Collisions with Aircraft: An Evidence-Based Approach for Using Objective Uncrewed Aerial Systems Detection Technology
- Criticality of Prognostics in the Operations of Autonomous Aircraft
- The Lynchpin—A Novel Geometry for Modular, Tangential, Omnidirectional Flight
- A Novel Flight Dynamics Modeling Using Robust Support Vector Regression against Adversarial Attacks
- A Near-Term Path to Assured Aerial Autonomy

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