Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

October 2018



LiDAR Giant

100 competitors want to eat his lunch, but Velodyne president Mike Jellen aims to maintain leadership in this fast-moving, trillion-dollar technology space.

Rewriting the Code

Renovo’s Aware operating system for Automated Mobility on Demand (AMoD) is expanding its reach as more players see open-platform software as a unifying—and simplifying—answer to quicker and less-costly automated-vehicle deployment.


Mitsubishi Electric sees 'hybrid haptics' and even your own vehicle-deployed drone as new methods to enhance the in-cabin experience.

For Lidar, MEMS the Word

Tiny gimballed mirrors on chips are being developed that could improve the form factor & cost of automotive lidar.

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Autonomous Vehicle Engineering’s (AVE) mission is to cover the fast-evolving field of automated and connected vehicles from end to end. In comprehensive, original articles authored by thought leaders, the publication examines key technologies and applications including sensor fusion, artificial intelligence, smart cities, and more. Launched as a special supplement to the November 2017 issue of SAE’s flagship Automotive Engineering magazine, Autonomous Vehicle Engineering will be published four times during 2018 in both print and digital versions. AVE is targeted to over 25,000 OEMs and suppliers who are involved in automated vehicle technology and who are designing the next generation of cars and trucks.

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