Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

January 2019



View from a Visionary

Chris Urmson helped give birth to vehicle autonomy. His company, Aurora, is leading the technology to maturity and widespread adoption.

Europe’s Latest AV Testing Facilities Key for Swift Autonomous Adoption

The need for data sharing and commonality in burgeoning AV technologies is bringing new meaning to the words ‘proving grounds.’

End Public ‘Shadow’ Driving!

The best way to test and train AI for autonomous vehicles is through proper simulation, systems engineering, and an end-state scenario matrix. A veteran engineer explains why the current AV testing paradigm must change.

StreetDrone Offers Cost-Effective ‘Mule’ for AV Developers

Two mobility-minded entrepreneurs make development of autonomous technology easier and more affordable for anyone.

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Autonomous Vehicle Engineering (AVE) covers the fast-evolving field of automated and connected vehicles from end to end. In comprehensive, original articles authored by mobility-tech thought leaders, by engineers innovating in this dynamic space, and by the SAE editors, the publication examines key technologies and applications including sensor fusion, artificial intelligence, smart cities, testing, and more. Launched in 2017 as a special supplement to SAE’s flagship Automotive Engineering magazine, Autonomous Vehicle Engineering becomes standalone in March 2019, published bimonthly in both print and digital versions. AVE is targeted to over 25,000 OEMs and suppliers who are involved in AV development and related technologies.

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