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Technical Paper

Studies of WC/C and TiN/(Ti,Al)N Multilayer PVD Coatings Combined with Cross-Sectional Electron Microscopy

Multilayers of tungsten carbide/carbon (WC/C) with an amorphous structure and multilayers of titanium nitride/titanium-aluminum nitride (TiN/(Ti,Al)N) with a polycrystalline structure, prepared by physical vapor deposition have been subjected to nanoindentation testing. The investigation has been aimed at establishing whether the load-displacement responses provides accurate information on the fracture mechanisms and whether such mechanisms can be characterized using a new technique for cross-sectional electron microscopy of the nanoindentations. Analysis of the load-displacement curves showed that it can be used to identify the cracking mechanisms occurring in the multilayers and that cross sectioning of the nanoindentations is necessary if a more complete understanding of the multilayer coatings behavior is required.
Technical Paper

Processing and Microstructure of Laser Melt Injected WCp in a Ti-6Al-4V Matrix

In this study the Laser Melt Injection (LMI) process is explored to create a Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) consisting of 80 μm sized WC particles embedded in the top layer of a Ti-6Al-4V alloy. In particular the influences of the principal process parameters, e.g. power density, scanning speed and power flow rate, on the dimensions of the laser track and microstructural features are examined. Typical dimensions of a single laser track are, depending on the laser parameters, a width of 1.8 mm and a depth of 0.7 mm. The volume fraction of the WC particles is about 0.25- 0.30. An important finding is that the particle distribution is homogeneous and that the particles are injected over the whole depth and whole width of the melt pool. Further, an advantageous point is that this particular material system allows a certain variation of the processing parameters and that larger surface areas can be treated by an overlap of laser tracks.