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Technical Paper

Metal Forming Characterization and Simulation of Advanced High Strength Steels

Advanced high strength steels (AHSS), such as dual phase (DP) and transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steels, have been used successfully for making light weight vehicles and their usage is growing. Now, the automotive industry is expanding the use of AHSS to higher strength levels for further mass reduction. In a 2003 SAE paper, the material and formability characteristics for such steels were presented for steel grades of DP980, high yield type DP780 (780YM), low yield type DP780 (780YL), TRIP780, and TRIP590. In this study, experiments were conducted to assess the formability of these high strength steels using a T-channel, which incorporates several different forming modes in automotive stamping. The feasibility of computer simulation technology for the formability analyses of AHSS is also addressed.