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Technical Paper

High Temperature Stability of Ceria-Zirconia Supported Pd Model Catalysts

A series of ceria and ceria-zirconia supported Pd model automotive catalysts were prepared and aged under air or redox conditions at 1050°C for 12 h. The supports were manufactured by different methods and represent a range of compositions. The samples were characterized before and after aging by BET, X-ray diffraction, mercury porosimetry, XPS, H2 temperature-programmed reduction, and oxygen storage capacity measurements. Oxygen storage measurements revealed that the behavior of the catalysts varied according to aging conditions and temperature of measurement. Pd/ceria-zirconia catalysts showed higher oxygen storage characteristics after 1050°C aging than Pd/ceria catalysts, and the phase purity of the ceria-zirconia was shown to positively affect the amount of oxygen storage. The initial rates of oxygen release from the model catalysts at 350°C were shown to depend on the preparation conditions of the supports.