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Technical Paper

Method and System for Determining the Location of a Lost Vehicle Key Fob

Key fobs, also known as remote keys or remote transmitters, have become a common piece of equipment in today's vehicle, being ubiquitous in every market segment. Once limited to remote locking and unlocking operations, today's key fobs can be used to control many comfort and security features beyond locking and unlocking, such as alarm system operation, vehicle locate, approach lighting, memory seat recall, and remote starting systems. Key fobs are designed to be easy to use as well as easy to carry and transport in personal containers, such as purses, pockets, wallets, and the like. Accordingly, as with other personal effects, key fobs and other portable remote devices can be lost or misplaced or can be otherwise difficult to find. Even with careful tracking of a remote device, children and pets, among other factors, can make location difficult. Moreover, multiple remote devices are often distributed with each vehicle.
Technical Paper

Adaptive Remote Vehicle Start Operation for Reduced Fuel Consumption

Remote vehicle start systems are commonly available as an aftermarket accessory, and more recently, as a factory installed vehicle feature. These systems and their associated algorithms enable a user of the vehicle to remotely start the engine and/or other vehicle systems with the end goal of preconditioning the cabin environment, for example, if the user wishes to have the vehicle's interior heated or cooled before the user enters the vehicle. However, if the engine is remotely started for an extended period of time, the increased use of fuel, energy, and/or other resources may be greater than optimal or desired. Through the use of available vehicle sensors and enhanced algorithms, a system can be implemented which allows the passenger cabin to be heated or cooled to within a range of moderate temperatures, while reducing the resources utilized by the vehicle.