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Technical Paper

Emissions of small 2S-SI-Engine for Handheld Machinery-Nanoparticulates & Particulate Matter

1 Small off-road 2-stroke SI-engines have very high pollutant emissions. The Swiss environmental protection agency (BUWAL) investigates the state of the technology and emissions with the scope to show the potential of improvements by means of the best available technology (BAT) and to motivate the consumers to use the more sophisticated equipment and cleaner fuels to protect their health and the environment. In the present work emission measurements of chainsaws were performed with a special concern of particulate emissions. Particulates were analysed by means of: gravimetry, SMPS, NanoMet and differential analysis of filter residue. The varied conditions were: A/F-ratio, lube-oil content and the fuel quality. It has been shown, that the particulate mass and the nanoparticle numbers, which both consisting almost exclusively of unburned lube-oil, attain very high values. They are strongly influenced by the mixture tuning and by the lube-oil content.