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WIP 2020-11-02

Suspect/Counterfeit Test Evaluation Method AS6171/1

This document describes an assessment of the effectiveness of a specified test plan used to screen for counterfeit parts. The assessment includes the determination of the types of defects detected using a specified test plan along with the related counterfeit type coverage. The output of this evaluation will produce Counterfeit Defect Coverage (CDC), Counterfeit Type Coverage (CTC), Not-Covered Defects (NCDs), and Under-Covered Defects (UCDs). This information will be supplied to the test laboratory’s customer in both the test report and the Certificate of Quality Conformance (CoQC). This evaluation method does not address the effectiveness of detecting tampered type devices.

The Test Evaluation Method also describes an Optimized Test Sequence Selection, in which a test sequence is selected that maximizes the CDC utilizing test cost and time as constraints, for any tier level except the Critical Risk Level. The constraints can be adjusted until the desired CDC is achieved. The output of the Optimized Test Sequence Selection also includes CTC, NCDs, and UCDs.

If AS6171/1 is invoked in the contract, the base document, AS6171 General Requirements shall also apply.

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