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This second annual MedDev event not only offers practical information on the medical device supply chain, and the certification and standardization processes, but also takes a deeper look at additional entry points like orthopedics, wearables, telehealth, exoskeletons, and more. This unique opportunity affords automotive and aerospace professionals direct access to leading content provided by medical device experts. Cultivate new partnerships and create new opportunities!

Welcome Session

Matt Wasowski, SAE International

Medical Company TIERS per Medical Regulations

Since the United States has the largest usage of and growth sales of medical devices in the world, this presentation will largely focus on the US's regulations for medical device manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and suppliers. Additionally, this session will touch on medical regulations of other countries that have similar approaches to division of industry-responsible tiers.

Ken Chesney, Retired Medical Engineering Executive
Harry Hari, Senior Director, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Corza Medical

Opportunities to Enter into the Medical Devices Market

Discover government support opportunities that will allow your organization to become a supplier to the medical device industry via MedAccred accreditation.

Scott Schein, Director, National Network & Supply Chain Programs, GENEDGE Alliance

Precision 3D Printing

Session description coming soon.

John Kawola, CEO, Boston Micro Fabrication

From Hearing Aids to Hands: Applications for Additive in Healthcare

An exploration of medical applications for additive manufacturing from lowest barrier of entry to highest, including 3D technology workflows and cutting edge patient cases.

Alyssa Glennon, 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) in Hospitals, Materialise

What is MedAccred Accreditation

Executives from medical device companies discuss the value of MedAccred Accreditation to be able to supply the medical device industry.

Connie Conboy, Director, MedAccred
Tony Knight, Sr. Director, Global Supplier Quality CM/OEM, Medtronic
Scott Goolsbey, Sr. Program Manager Procurement Programs, Stryker

Exoskeletons: The Bridge Between the Human Body and Robotics

In nature, an exoskeleton is the external skeleton that supports and protects an animal's body, in contrast to the internal endoskeleton. Humans have developed artificial exoskeletons and exosuits to perform lifting tasks and to provide assistance with locomotion. Exoskeletons can be deployed in a number of applications from industrial, emergency response, consumer, military and medical. Advanced materials and processes to produce exoskeletons and exosuits will help us bridge the gap between the human body and robotics.

Dr. Eliana Fu, Industry Manager: Aerospace & Medical, TRUMPF North America

Wearable & Orthotics

As your business explores a transition in medical devices, learn the opportunities about a transition to making wearables and orthotics.

Kirk Rogers, Barnes Global Advisors
Rob Carter, Barnes Global Advisors
Kenneth Church, CEO, nScrypt Inc. and Sciperio Inc.
Dale Swarts, Retired Medical Devices Expert

DOs’ and DONTs’ for Harmonizing Multiple Standards

Whether your company is certified to ISO13485 and ISO9001, or ISO13485, ISO9001 and AS9100, there are best practices to implement and some practices to avoid. This session outlines best practices in harmonizing multiple standards into one Quality Management System.

Jason Lee, President, Adaptive Quality Systems LLC.

Common Mistakes & Misconceptions: The Pitfalls of Getting into the Medical Arena without Understanding It

As you consider your organization’s entrance in the medical devices market, beware of some of the common pitfalls that companies often make before they leap into this new industry. This session will allow you understand the scope and purpose of the medical regulations, will explain important medical ideology and terminology, and will explore the need for proper documentation and record keeping that will prepare you for the certification process and even audits.

Ken Chesney, Retired Medical Engineering Executive
Harry Hari, Senior Director, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Corza Medical

Qualification/Certification of Additive Manufacturing in Key Verticals - Medical, Aerospace, and Automotive

This panel discusses all certification and regulation, quality, standards, and use cases from three perspectives - aerospace, medical, and automotive – to see the similarities and differences across the three industries.

Ellen Lee, Ford
Mike Hawkins, Consultant
Cabre Kelly, VP of Research and Technology, restor 3d
Bill Bihlman, President, Aerolytics LLC

Medical Diagnostics: In-Demand Apps and Wearables

Wearable biosensors and numerous new medical apps allow for constant monitoring of patients. Learn about some of the most essential apps and wearables to understand several immediate needs and opportunities within the medical devices market.

Mehdi Javanmard, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Rutgers University; CEO, RizLab Health
Huanyu “Larry” Cheng, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Penn State
Jennifer McCaney, Ph.D., Co-Executive Director, Biodesign Program, UCLA