Automotive Engineering

October 6, 2015

    • 2016 Malibu sheds 300 lb, adds new hybrid system
      More wheelbase, style, fuel economy, and comfort aim to move GM's volume midsize sedan from the sidelines to the fast lane.
    • Lighter, more powerful 2016 Honda Pilot
      The third-generation SUV gets a sleek new look and plenty of slick technology for enhanced performance and safety.
    • 2016 Mazda MX-5 stays true to its roots
      Mazda engineers give the industry a lesson in getting more from less.
    • 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport spearheads more efficient Land Rovers
      JLR's space-efficient, flexible SUV moves to JLR's new Ingenium modular engines.
    • Audi chooses high technology, cautious design evolution for new A4
      In addition to lighter weight and significant improvements in efficiency, the new car employs plenty of technology and driver support.
    • Cellular, security challenge vehicle-to-vehicle's role
      Telematics links provide many of the benefits of V2V that government regulators are now mandating, while security issues pose major technical challenges, with secure communications a key hurdle for V2V's rollout.
    • Improving thermal seat comfort
      Optimizing climate seat systems requires increased complexity in seat design, which in turn is driving a need for more detailed thermal simulation methods.