Automotive Engineering

September 2020

    • Superlight superbike: 2021 Ducati Superleggera V4
      Ducati pioneers the first street-legal production motorcycle with a full carbon-fiber chassis, as well as advanced aerodynamics.
    • CFRP technical resources
      New 2020 SAE Technical papers detail current carbon-composite material developments.
    • Virtual and physical testing of Third-Generation High Strength Steel
      Evaluating a new high-strength steel's ability to improve an existing stamped-steel production part.
    • Static testing of EV components
      Firing nails into your latest Li-ion battery pack is but one of many regimens in the comprehensive testing of new electric vehicles.
    • Editorial
      The charge for charging
    • Supplier Eye
      Supplier strategy reset
    • What We're Driving
    • Altair honors lightweight advances
    • The IC future points to more downsizing, lean mixtures
    • BMW details new motorcycle adaptive cruise control
    • Beating the battery boundaries
    • Cadillac reveals Lyriq electric vehicle for 2023
    • Q&A
      Andy Oury discusses the architecture and strategy of GM's new Ultium EV batteries