Automotive Engineering

December 2023

    • Looking past ADAS
      Advances in perception hardware and software deliver new performance possibilities - and a refreshed vision for passenger-vehicle driving automation.
    • Provizio eyes safety with radar, not lidar
      Provizio promises its 5D Perception stack can safely compete with expensive lidar sensors at a fraction of the cost.
    • Can solid-state batteries commercialize by 2030?
      Solid-state batteries are facing a reckoning as OEMs attempt to commercialize the technology.
    • Editorial
      Change? Sure, sometimes.
    • fuel-injection standards, additions expected
    • Supplier Eye
      'Scaling' EVs won't be easy
    • Schaeffler promotes manufacturing flexibility
    • Honda Motocompacto folding scooter is an accessory with pep
    • EV battery recycling still being defined
    • Honda ready with first North American crossover EV
    • 2024 Lexus TX has three powertrain options - and it shows
    • Kia's 2024 EV9 stands as first mainstream 3-row SUV
    • Product Briefs
      Spotlight: Semiconductors; ADAS sensors
    • Q&A
      Two Clarios executives explain why low-voltage electrical supply remains important as vehicles become more electrified, as well as discuss the importance of alternative battery chemistries.