Automotive Engineering International 2007-04-01

Automotive Engineering International 2007-04-01
    • Spec Formula One
      The series is moving forward with new rules to reduce cost and make racing more directly relevant to road-car development.
    • Adding foresight
      Radar and cameras will work together to help drivers avoid accidents.
    • Lexus LS 460:AEI's Best Engineered Vehicle for 2007
      The fourth generation of Lexus' global flagship sets new standards in engineering, technical innovation, refinement, and workmanship.
    • Hot off the grid
      New interest in plug-in hybrids has sparked intense R&D in battery chemistries and systems integration.
    • Digital developments
      Ever-improving computer-based tools are helping engineers complete more complex designs in shorter time frames with downsized staffs.
    • Illuminating technology
      Sensor-linked lighting systems, automatic high-beam control, LED headlights, and brand-identifying cabin lighting are enhancing safety, convenience, and the feel-good factor.
    • Handling the surge
      The pressure facing automakers and suppliers to meet ever-more-stringent emissions regulations has fueled a boom in business for emissions testing providers.
    • Cost remains the boss
      Engineers on their way to the SAE World Congress cannot escape cost-reduction pressures. But vehicle efficiency, biofuels, and "green" materials are also capturing their attention.
    • AEI Tech 2007 Awards
      The editors of Automotive Engineering International highlight some of the more innovative new products and technologies on display at the SAE 2007 World Congress, based on the latest information provided by exhibiting companies.
    • Funding the hydrogen future
      The Department of Energy's FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership programs hope to aid the domestic industry as it develops next-generation hydrogen and fuel-cell vehicles.
    • Of crystals and crashes
      The microcrystalline structure and performance behavior of multiphase automotive steels are enabling stronger and safer vehicles.